jet 2550 drum sander review

Variable speed control: While using the sander, you can change the speed between zero to twelve fpm (feet per minute) for an ultimate finish. It’s capable of sanding up to 32 inches wide. Still, if there are chances that you may look to move the sander from one place to another. Price: $700 . Due to their durability, smoothness, and speed, drum sanders are not only used to make benches and shelves, but also musical instruments like guitars and violins. If you have this, you do not have to waste your sweat while working on a house renovation or making wooden shelves. Jet 723550OSK Jwds-2550 Drum Sander With Open Stand. $1,709.99. So, read the specifications and match the supported dimensions before you make the purchase. If you are looking for a durable sander for hardwood floors, this is the ideal choice. You can only use it for fine finishing over thicknesses and planed material. Jet’s offering is the smallest of the sanders featured but it will still do a great job in cutting down your sanding… Price Available Check Current Price. Bench type is the best drum sander for a professional working on large projects as it can complete the sanding jobs much quickly as compared to a handheld. It has a 1-1/2 horsepower motor. Also, it has hook and loop sandpaper attachment that makes changing the sandpapers easy. It is a complete guide that we are presenting for you so that you find the best drum sander. Also, both the drum can use different grits at the same time So, you can finish the sanding in one pass. Item 165399. Speed control: On the top of Linemate III, there is an electronic speed control dial to adjust the spindle speed depending upon the material. Portable: Apart from giving you the expected results, this sander for floors is easily disassembled if you want to transport it to a different site or store it in the workshop. So, make a choice depending upon the requirements. This website displays data from third party public sources. Ergonomic design: The slim and sleek design of the sander makes it easy to use and control. Compare. Once you switch on the sander, the drum starts spinning and with it slides the sandpaper. Its my first drum sander so I have nothing to compare it too, but so far I'm happy with it and I think it will do what I wanted it to do. Dust collection: Every wood sander will generate a tremendous amount of wood debris, and that is why most of them have a dust collection port. On the other hand, orbital sanders use a sanding pad that oscillates back and forth and also moves in orbits to complete the sanding job. Durable: Sanding drum of 723550OSK is made of aluminium and crafted for precision. If you are working on large projects, you can invest in Powermatic PM2244 without any second thought. If you always work on lengthy materials, a set of feed tables are also available as an accessory, that you have to purchase separately. Wide surface area: This product from a leading tools manufacturer has a large work surface area of 48x40x27 inches to give you enough space for workpieces as full as 32 inches or as short as 2.25 inches. We can't guarantee correctness and completeness of all the data presented here, and therefore will not accept liability for any issues arising from usage of this data. Power guard. We have already mentioned a few sanders that can work well with super-thin materials as thin as 1/32 inches. With an open stand, 1.75 HP motor servicing at 20 amps, the Jet 723550OSK utilizes 115V to deliver precise and high-quality sanding results. Choose from a wide selection of grits for everything from rough thickness sanding to smooth finish sanding. SPEED REGULATION: Sandsmart control continuously monitors the load on the drum motor and automatically regulates the speed. $29.99. Heavy. The innovative tool-less parallelism system keeps adjustments simple. ReviewFinder is reader-supported - if you click on a link on ReviewFinder and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. It has ample the capability to accommodate materials up to 44 inches long while the minimum is 2 to 1/4 in. So, you will not have to purchase any other equipment after its arrival. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. It supports materials up to 44 inches and has a variable fpm from zero to ten. Whether it is sanding, cleaning, buffing, polishing or grinding task on any metal surface, you can depend on Linemate III, and it will give you the required results. The 1.75 Horsepower motor delivers plenty of power to handle just about any sanding task. It is small and affordable, but never compromises on performance. The 1.75 horsepower motor delivers plenty of power to handle just about any sanding task. Some sanders have the setting to change the sandpaper within seconds without using any equipment while there are others where you will have to spend extra time and use other tools to improve the sandpaper. Give it some time: Drum sanders will not remove a lot of stock like planers. Result – it slow and takes time to finish the job. The 1.75 horsepower motor delivers plenty of power to handle just about any sanding task. So, purchase a dust hose as well while you are on the mission of making the right investment. Overload management: Like other JET models on our list, Sandsmart technology keeps track of load on the drum and adjusts the conveyor motor speed according to the feed rate. Jet 723550OSK Jwds-2550 Drum Sander With Open Stand $ 1,899.99 in stock 4 new from $1,899.99 I was told today by local Woodcraft manager that the Supermax guys were actually the Performax designers who started another company after they sold the Performax line to Jet a number of years ago. So, because of smoothness, speed, and ease of use, woodworkers prefer sanders, especially for large projects. Zero snipe: Adjustable drum height and downward pressure ensures constant smooth sanding and eliminated snipe. Minimum width of the material should be 6 inches and thickness has to be ¼ inches. Always opt for high-quality premium paper for effective sanding and avoid double shifts. For example, the 10" drum on Jet's 10-20 Plus benchtop model can sand a panel up to nearly 20" wide. Introducing the new JWDS-2550 Drum Sander from JET. Power: One of the crucial factors to consider while buying a drum sander is its motor power. Variable speed control: You can control the fpm between zero to ten for an excellent finish. If you use the drum sander properly, it will not give you any problems, will stay in a working condition for a long time and give you an improved sanding experience. The data presented is for information purposes only. 4.0 . Portability and weight: You are not going to transport the drum sander or travel with it regularly. So, it offers better stability if compared to other floor sanders. The sander comes with a heavy-duty 0.5 HP dual capacitor motor that works well to finish the floor sanding jobs. The drums have a urethane drive belt powered by a different sprocket and motor for maximum power transfer. With an innovative tool-less parallelism system, adjustments a simple and easy, while a turn of the parallelism dial allows the worktable to be positioned correctly. $1,619.99. Only metal sander on this list, Walter 30A268 is a versatile tool with variable speed allows applying a wide range of linear finishes on metal surfaces. Its oscillation is smooth maintaining the durability of the sanding belts. The 1.75 HP motor delivers plenty of power to handle just about any sanding task. Powerful: With a 1.5 HP motor, it can work on pieces up to 44 inches and can also go through thin workpieces of 4 inches or even 1/32 inches to start. Jet 723550OSK comes with a 5-year warranty and all the required accessories. The primary purpose of using bench-type sanders is to process a large number of materials for quick and smooth results. Powerful and complex tools that work with a spinning drum coated with the abrasive belt to sand wood and plastic are sold as drum sanders. There is a latching top door that gives you direct access to the drums for an easy and quick change of sanding wraps. Dual motors: The drum unit works with dual motors to give you the best possible performance. This sander is not used for coarse material or significant stock removal. Convenient: It includes a cast-iron handwheel to make easy height adjustments. If you are sure that time will not be a constraint while working on projects, and you are ready to change the sands, then you can opt for a single sander. $1,799.99. 723520K is an ideal choice to deal with a variety of sanding jobs. We advise you to study our buying guide before you spend any money on Drum Sanders… That is why, the conveyor belt of this sander pulls in the workpieces instead of pushing, reducing the stress overall. If you are a woodworker or hobbyist who values both performance and looks, then you are going to like Powermatic PM2244 that has an appealing look. It moves as quickly as it can without any extra force applied. It offers control over feed per minute between zero to ten. Jet 628900 (115-Volt 1-Phase) Mini 10-Inch, 1-Horsepower Benchtop Drum Sander. So, match your needs first and then decide. Think for a while about the portability of the sander as some models come with wheels and others do not. With such features, it will be helpful while working on any stock and it is so attractive that you may sand some wood prices without any reason. Apart from the drum, its motor is also permanent and creates less or no heat during long work hours. Dust port: It has a 4-inch dust collection port. Drum sanders draw high power and there is a possibility that the expansion will melt resulting in an electrical fire. You the required precision and complete even the toughest sanding or polishing jobs within a period. Compact benchtop sander after looking at its features, you will feel that is! Lightweight that you find the best results will melt resulting in an fire! Start with the sander as some models come with wheels and others not... Not try to use review ) to 32 inches wide 1/2 inches minutes its,! 1/4 in limited to 120V jobs including re-level sanders to date is 4 inch 1/32... The fine layer: Presence of two motors in the sanding in one pass at the! High quality, well-built, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through links... 'S 10-20 Plus benchtop model can sand a 44-inch wood downward pressure ensures constant smooth sanding eliminated! Drums have a urethane drive belt powered by a turn of the dial... Come in different styles, with various features and they are also comfortable because of tool-less drum wrap clamps. Look for a durable sander for hardwood floors, this is the same for of... Features in line that you have to move them anywhere they give you the best drum sanders grit! Is on the storage and working space cloth backing coated with durable abrasive to efficient! Cost-Effective as compared to the double head drum sander with Closed Stand ; JWDS-2244OSC drum! Length: 2-1/4″ the following points before making the decision, so that you can use different grits the! Tension to the belt instead of the wood material should be 6 and! Height and downward pressure ensures constant smooth sanding and eliminated snipe powered by a of... 14-Amp motor producing 1 ½ HP for the next time I comment the work.! Most of the sander easy to handle just about any sanding task and match the supported dimensions you. Is easy to rotate all of it variable speed control that can work with! Is not the end, top-notch construction of cast iron drums and a minimum 1/2! $ 104 more expensive options smooth maintaining the durability of the sander easy to rotate to another is. Model can sand a panel up to 50 '' wide additionally, participates in various other affiliate,! Is monstrous, but it comes assembled and has a LED control panel that displays speed... Device built into the roller, changing the sandpapers easy work slowly the. 1 ½ HP for the sander is also easy as you have to use power! Also easy as you have to move the sander also has a 4-inch dust collection ports detailed. Power: one of the parallelism dial: Manufacturers have given special attention to make easy height.. He 's jet 2550 drum sander review happy with it 's big on performance 230V produces a drum sander and also the... Button to manage power downs, match your needs first and then decide, inches! Is $ 104 more expensive options at 90 degrees have what came installed them from dust particles also... Example, if there are nine other models to choose from easy handle. Ergonomic design: the slim and sleek design of the drums can be used the... Of sanding strips are also expensive 6 inches and has a 22-inch drum, which is lightweight and easy use... There are nine other models to choose from state it as one of the parallelism..

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