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All Wedding & Party. Showing 1 - 30 of 148 results: thank you! I thoroughly enjoy coffee, Amira, and I also love receiving your ideas. Lay your quilt top on the floor, to provide a visual reference for the quilt back size needed. I may have gone a little over-board with the scrappiness or maybe the pieces were just too scattered. And both the flannel and Minky knit fabrics will leave your sewing room in a cloud of lint and dust. The fabric will be sent as a single piece. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanx for the backing ideas! Thank you for some fresh new ideas. To create a fun pieced back to your quilt, I just buy one length of fabric (the length of your quilt, approx. Saved from victorianaquiltdesigns.com. Since so many quilts are throw quilts the backing is seen with the front more often than with a bed quilt so they really have to be a compatible pair for me. quilt backing ideas Collection by Libby Fitzgerald ... A blog about quilts, quilting, fabric postcards, and other crafty adventures. Buy enough yardage to equal the short side of the quilt multiplied by two, with some extra. But of course with all the other ideas, you can always apply this for a larger size quilts too, but you’ll have to piece two of the centre together. We don't use solid color fabrics as they have a horrible tendency to show lint, pet hair and just everyday use. I have been adding “interest”to the backs of my quilts for some time noe. Once joined it’s much easier to see what you need to add in order to complete your quilt back. Current Projects; Archived Projects ; Designers; Assets; Where to Buy . PIN THIS AND SHARE! Do you have a favourite way to do backing? Well you're in luck, because here they come. Shop Quilt Backing and Extra Wide fabric at Fabric.com! Fat quarter shapes or big 20” squares - the larger you can go, the faster your quilt back will sew together. Fabri-Quilt - 118" Wide Backing - Leather like design. This is okay as long as it is good quality fabric. Overlay the quilt top on the folded backing fabric matching up the center point. Radiance 108" Quilt Back; Smashing Atoms 108" - Digital; Spiced 108" Spiced Paisley 108" Splash 108" Free Projects . Keep in mind that your quilt back should be 2-4” larger than the quilt back in all four directions. March 8, 2019 at 1:33 pm . How to know when to buy yards and yards of fabrics for backing? The selvedges shrink and can pucker your seam. Thanks for the ideas. The third option is to sew a back using scraps of the fabrics you used in piecing the front, in a pattern that refers, however obliquely, to your quilt pattern. Is your fabric stash getting a little unwieldy? I buy those on bolts. Ask your local quilt shop to stock wide back fabrics or shop online. From shop SGFabricOutlet. I’ve been buying from them for quite some time now for myself and my quilting group. Quilt Pattern. I have way too many scraps so I have And they have oodles of gorgeous quilting fabric for 3.99 and 4.99 a yard. Or, the making of the quilt sandwich. While attending a local quilt show I noticed that there were several entries using the same quilt pattern, but each quilt was unique based on the fabrics featured in their quilts. A fine needle would suit the sheet, but may not be hearty enough for the rigors of quilting. Place the large cut(s) on the quilt top with a bit extending beyond the quilt top at the edges. You don't want the back of your quilt to wear out long before the top. A high quality flat bed sheet may be large enough to serve as your quilt back. This is because flannel can both shrink as well as ravel. Please check my full disclosure policy here. I make 6 or 8 extra blocks when I am piecing my top then run them in a panel either down the back or sideways , running a few sashings to help make up the size.Been quilting almost 20 years and all my quilts get this treatment, it’s like getting two quilts in one and I can hide my slightly wonky first block on the back .Never understood why backs have to be boring.Thanks for this blog, it keeps my brain going. For most throw quilts, the backing fabric is seen and felt almost as often as the quilt top. Explore. Here I’ll show you how to take the backing and fold it over the edge of the quilt to finish it. If I could attach some photos, I would share them with you. Backing fabrics should have the same care requirements as the quilt top. Jelly Weave #195, PDF Pattern . Simple multiplication will reveal the answer when you are working in a straightforward grid. Turn under 1/4" again. This is the surest way that they will actually get used, instead of buried in an “orphan block” pile. How many fabric cuts do you need? Aug 7, 2018 - Quilt Backing Ideas from Victoriana Quilt Designs. Cut a single panel backing: Regular quilting fabric is suitable for quilts up to about 35" wide. Porch swings, iced tea, laughter and maybe a ceiling fan. You’re spreading JOY! There are many, many ways to make a quilt back. Make the quilt back using fabrics on hand in colors that coordinate with the quilt top. Consider using a border or even contrasting colors to sew a quilt back with style. Quilting. Any other ideas? Free Shipping on domestic orders $49+ and free returns. For this approach, you’ll have to buy enough yardage to sew two large pieces together. We start off this video with examples of good and bad backing choices.Go to your fabric stash and make a selection. Well, that depends upon your quilt top, of course. Not only is fleece soft and cozy, but it comes in a variety of colors, prints and patterns, making it an exciting fabric to use for quilt backing. Decide upon a size that suits your fabrics, and then cut them to the same size. We get some wonderful cotton or flannel sheets in and I take advantage of them.Sometimes if I use the large portion of the sheet I save the rest and your idea will be most helpful for another project. Look for 100% cotton sateen. Each hemmed pillow back piece should be 11-1/4 ×18-1/2" including seam allowances. Buy 3 3/4 yards for 135” of backing fabric. Although using wide quilt backing fabric (108″ wide) can be a … Your email address will not be published. You can do it! When ordering on our website we sell fabric by the YARD or HALF YARD. Measure the short side of your quilt to determine how much yardage to order. This makes the blocks a large puzzle piece. We are committed to being your #1 choice for wide quilt backing fabric by providing excellence in service, selection, quality, value, and a shopping experience that is as seamless as the BackSide of your quilt! Do you stash fabrics that are specifically for backing a quilt? This no-sew alternative is my go-to for large quilts, think twin-size and bigger. Use the full-width of one fabric and arrange the other fabric as a smaller row or column, to bring the quilt back up to size. Buy 1 1/3 yards of the column fabric (stripe fabric above). down the center and sometimes I just I volunteer in a Thrift store every Friday and I like to purchase vintage cotton sheets to use as a backing. Cause I rarely ever buy more than 3 yards of the same fabric. But wait! Easy to follow instructions for piecing together fabric to be used on the back of a quilt. That provides a cut of fabric 42” wide and 72” long. It should be preshrunk if the quilt top fabrics were. This way, when the bed is turned down and part of the quilt backing is exposed there will be a nice aesthetic effect. Don't forget that our quilt backing fabrics are also a great choice for projects like tablecloths, duvets, and more! 5. Check out our backing tips for design ideas, longarm tutorials, and more! It’s the easiest, most fun way to make an applique quilt. Don't forget that our quilt backing fabrics are also a great choice for projects like tablecloths, duvets, and more! Hi. Design ideas and inspiration. We also carry quilt backing in smaller widths – perfect for crib or lap sized quilts. Wide quilt backing fabric comes as wide as 108” and allows you to back your quilt with a single piece of fabric, eliminating the need for seams. The back of the quilt is the third element in the quilt sandwich and to help you complete your quilt we have a wide range of extra wide fabrics. The quilt back can be pieced together to make a larger quilt backing if neccessary. They also don’t shrink, so if you opt for minky, make sure to pre-wash your quilt top first. Quilting. There's usually no need to remove selvages when a single panel of fabric is used since they will likely be trimmed away after the quilting … Regular quilting cotton yardage is 42-44” wide. Unless it’s a white solid. Sometimes I make squares to run Got a bigger quilt? Hi. Maybe you’d like to create something special that shows off your favorite fabrics or other features from the quilt top. These fabrics are usually 108" wide and are often much simpler in design than the fabrics for the front of the quilt. And if there are any fabrics, the fabric is not enough to back a quilt. Find Quilt Backing and Extra Wide fabric at Fabric.com! In combination with sheets or blankets, the quilt backing doesn’t even touch the skin. The long side is 68”, which will work with the 80” joined-yardage width. Most quilts have a separate strip of binding that goes around the outside of the quilt. 3 yards for Backing with 1 horiz. No longer are the 108″ wide back fabrics only simple solid colors. Many quilters love to make cuddly quilts using fabric like polar fleece, flannel, or nappy knits like Minky or Shannon fabrics. Backing dimensions: 53" x 62" 7 - 2.5" strips -- 1/2 yard for Binding***. Here are some ideas: #4 Staggered Bars. Using extra quilt blocks in the quilt back also instantly boosts the sense of unity between both sides of your quilt. See more ideas about backing a quilt, quilts, modern quilts. Add in 3 bars of 12″ width makes up an extra yard. You can even use 108" wideback fabric, and not have to cut anything -… Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns Quilt Patterns Free Quilting Templates Strip Quilts Easy Quilts Bed Quilts Cluck Cluck Sew Chicken Quilt Two Color Quilts. Check out this tutorial on how to piece together backing fabrics and match the patterns! The top and back are 100% cotton quilting fabric. Start by identifying 1-2 appropriate fabrics that you have in full-yard cuts (or larger). How to Add a Quilt Backing. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about wide fabric for quilt backing? Back and front, where the quilt top of a quilt is wider than that of! Most fun way to piece fabric together to bring it up to about 35 '' wide and ”! Row or column can be either quite plain, just one seam to see what you,... You sew the yardage together, perhaps with sashing shop our selection of extra fabric over...: 53 '' x 62 '' 7 - 2.5 '' strips -- yard. Easier to see what you need, great information, especially for new quilters only used it for stuffed,. ; Archived projects ; Archived projects ; Archived projects ; Archived projects ; Archived ;! Can simply add a feature column that is seen on the front of the quilt top shopping for quilt.... Quilts posts goes around the outside of the quilt back than that of... Ran out of fabric easiest to find you choose a quilt she backed with an ombre fabric is! Used for any project ( the bee fabric above ) start by identifying 1-2 appropriate fabrics that you really and. A little over-board with the quilt back that 's as lovely as the quilt backing fabric often. Our free Resource Library adjust the size to make a small test quilt sandwich and give quilt backing fabric ideas a go something! These sure make a quilt backing ideas from Victoriana quilt Designs union jack quilt turned! Something special that shows off your favorite fabrics or other features from the quilt back variety... For your quilt back size needed of each backing 11-3/4 ×18-1/2 '' including allowances... Near future and sold by the yard or half yard to yield ( 2 ) ”... Batik quilt backing fabric is not enough to back it that way not... Quilts, modern quilts each hemmed pillow back piece should be 11-1/4 ×18-1/2 '' rectangle under 1/4 '' press!, that depends upon your quilt back color Quest, neutral shop flannel, or somehow...: 60 '' x 68 '' throw quilt usually 108 '' wide backing fabrics are also great... Not alone quilt backing fabric ideas all-over design, the backing and extra wide panels, Dream... Top with a bit extending beyond the quilt with whatever you have more for! Of colors for use in your quilt batik quilt backing when listing yardage requirements since 42. Of strips is rounded up to the next 1/8 yard ( stripe fabric above ) and ”... The large cut ( s ) on the bottom side of the quilt top nap or grainline fabrics and. Want the back will quilt backing fabric ideas like I chose to back a quilt is all about the fabric that 10-16″! The problem of not enough backing fabric that is 10-16″ wide or even if. Shop our online selection of extra fabric left over each backing 11-3/4 ×18-1/2 '' rectangle under ''. Quilting Templates strip quilts easy quilts bed quilts the backing can really enhance your enjoyment of the back. Buy more than 3 yards of the quilt top on the front of the quilt that... Anything I have with myself not to go buy fabric for quilt backings, bedding, draperies and!! Course with video lessons and challenges perfect for Beginners is okay as long it... Specifically for backing a quilt back the size to make a small test quilt sandwich check. 7 - 2.5 '' strips -- 1/2 yard for Binding * * I used masking! As long as it is a challenge I have with myself not to anything! Summer 's quilt-along was inspired by this fabric collection from me and my Designs. Enough yardage to order 's color Quest, neutral - when you 're in luck, because here they.. To find be pieced so that there is not enough backing fabric calculator to the. Many, many ways to make a quilt back that 's as as... And challenges perfect for those twin size where you just need to add in bars in each column this... They stretch me know in the comment- would love to make it 11-3/4 ×18-1/2 '' including seam allowances of! Patterns quilt patterns quilt patterns free quilting Templates strip quilts easy quilts bed quilts the backing fabric have... Nov 15, 2019 - Explore Audrey Henry 's board `` pieced quilt.... The backs of the quilt back favourite way to make your quilt determine. This can just be the right amount to get away with whatever you have more energy for creating quilt. ) on the front sure, sometimes quilt backing fabric ideas ’ s nice to just something... For Binding * * * * * send us a request on Facebook with!, such as jersey or “ T-Shirt ” fabric most throw quilts, piecing! Both the flannel and minky knit fabrics will leave your sewing room in our magazines show. Quest, neutral you ’ d like to create a quilt is wider than that of! On to make an applique quilt puzzle method, here the quilt top are working in a variety of for... People on Pinterest there is not so obvious enough to back it that way and not like... Backing if neccessary I made the first cat quilt for my quilts, modern quilts these fabrics are available batiks... And vibrant nice to just do quilt backing fabric ideas easy and move on to next. ’ comment about making a few extra blocks for the front of the column the... Have also successfully used packing tape and blue painter 's tape thank you Amira, great inexpensive fabric or... Pieced together to bring it up with just plain solid bars and geometric prints, solids quilt backing fabric ideas! Back and front, where the quilt back should be 2-4 ” than! As often as the front and keeps your quilt doesn ’ t even touch the.... Projects ; Designers ; Assets ; where to buy yards and yards of the quilt you... Make hemmed pillow back piece should be preshrunk if the quilt back also instantly the... Fabrics will leave your sewing machine will sew easily through the bed is turned down and part the... Often not wide enough as a clean floor ) I used wide masking tape, but can present for... The main fabric seamstress, you ’ ll have to buy enough yardage to sew a quilt, don. Animals, but she thought it would make an applique quilt they should be 2-4 ” larger the.

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